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Development requires the management of the activities of the council. In this regard, we need to mobilize financial ...
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Panoramic View of Ndu Town:

Partial View of Ndu TownPartial View of Ndu TownPartial View of Ndu Town
A General Presentation of the Ndu Council Administration:

The Ndu Council is the Municipal Administration or Local Government of Ndu in the Donga-Mantung Division - Republic of Cameroon. This municipal administration was created by Presidential Decree No. 93/322 of 25th November 1993. Ndu as a whole covers a surface area of 1,625 km2 and has a population of over 73,955 inhabitants, based on the 2005 Population Census from 17 villages/chiefdoms making up the Ndu Municipality. The Ndu area is the gateway to the Donga-Mantung Division from Bui Division.

The Ndu Sub-Division was created by Presidential Decree No. 92/187 of 1st September 1992. Its inhabitants are predominantly farmers and grazers. The municipality has two climatic zones, i.e. the hot climate zone around the Mbaw Plain which is good for cultivation of cash crops such as rice, soya beans etc, and the Cold climate on the high plateau of Ndu which is locally believed to be the coldest in the Division.

With the Pioneer Political Party in control being the S.D.F since 1996, the Pioneer Mayor was  Mr. BUNYUI Jonathan NFOR. In 2002, he was re-elected as Mayor, but went to be with the Lord on the 17th December 2005. A few months later,  Mr. NFOR David KARNGONG was democratically and constitutionally elected as the Mayor of Ndu and has been administering the Council up till date.

This official Website of the Ndu Council is intended to give every site visitor elaborate information about the Ndu Council; its Management, Activities, Developmental orientations, Accomplished and Envisaged Projects etc. The site equally examines the fundamental facts about the Ndu Region such as - its geographic landscape, economy, agriculture, tourism, culture, religion and so forth. We will be very delighted to receive your Comments and Suggestions regarding this site and its contents.



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MP for Ndu in Project Action:

Mrs Esther NGALA - Member of Parliament for the Ndu Constituency has continued to execute Development Projects.
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