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A General Presentation of the Ndu Council Area

The Ndu Council is the Municipal Administration or Local Government of Ndu in the Donga-Mantung Division - Republic of Cameroon. This municipal administration was created by Presidential Decree No. 93/322 of 25th November 1993. Ndu municipality is one of the five municipalities of Donga Mantung Division.

Ndu town is the head quarters of the municipality and it is located 145km² North East of Bamenda. About 20km² of the famous ring road of the North West Region lies within the municipality.

The municipality has a total population of 173.955 inhabitants as revealed by 2005 general population census in Cameroon. The municipality covers a total surface area of 1625km². The population density is about 45.51 inhabitants per km².

Ndu municipality is made of 17 villages grouped into three zones. The center zone with five villages (Ndu, Njimkong, Njilah and Wowo). The West zone with five villages (Talla, Ngarum, Taku, Ntundip and Luh). The East zone with seven villages (Sehn, Ntumbaw, Njirong, Ngulu, Nseh, Macop, Sinna and Sop).

The principal ethnic group in the village is the Wimbum whose ancestors hailed from Tikari in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon.


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MP for Ndu in Project Action:

Mrs Esther NGALA - Member of Parliament for the Ndu Constituency has continued to execute Development Projects.
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